Studio 65

Alexander Hacke's Studio 65 in Berlin

Studio 65 is located in the Wedding-district of Berlin, once identified by this number, within the spectacular structure of a former fire station building.

At the 42sqm facility we offer a variety of services in the many fields of music production. Recording and editing on several industry standard audio workstations, like Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic, equipped with a vast array of VST, Audio Units and AXX plug-ins, we specialize in composition for film, theater and advertisement, re-mix tracks of international artists and supervise sessions of basic and overdub recordings, create sound design for virtual synthesizers and sample libraries, utilizing an exquisite collection of electric, acoustic and ethnic instruments of all kinds, picked up by state of the art condenser, dynamic and contact microphones and cranked up through vintage legendary brand amplifiers.

Alexander Hacke's Studio 65 in Berlin

The pleasant atmosphere of the studio and its location in the heart of the thriving metropolis informs extraordinary results and motivates total immersion in the creative work-flow, while providing inspiration, comfort and convenience.

Alex Hacke's Studio 65 in Berlin.

For detailed information concerning bookings, equipment and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Alex Hacke's Studio 65 in Berlin