This is Danielle de Picciotto and I doing "Blacklist", a chapter of our audiovisual performance "Ship Of Fools" based on the book by Sebastian Brant, published in 1494.

Einstürzende Neubauten - Nagorny Karabach

Music Video from the 2007 release "Alles Wieder Offen"



A trailer for the album "Sanctuary" released on KoolArrow records in 2005


Alexander Hacke - Sanctuary

You don't necessarily have to go into a studio or on stage to record an album. In the new millennium one just packs the equipment into a small knapsack and roams about as in the dark ages: A hunter and collector. Hacke does it like this: He flies to the USA for example and visits his friends. Most of them are musicians. He asks whether he could record something with them and plays them the material he gathered elsewhere. By these means transports his loot from one location to the next. Gaining every place he goes. Always leaving parts behind, going further and picking up another batch, collecting audio in many places, pressing the record-button in various situations. The location does have an impact on the perception. Concentrating on details that would be out of focus otherwise. Drive-In and Take-Away instead of Delivery-Service! Hacke is compiling a menu of specialties by digging and researching, not trying to preserve his finds or to put them on a pedestal.

Instead the audio-tracks are keepsakes he then filters, processes and mixes or partly even chucks out in order to make room for even more advanced creations. Applying a subtle cartography all the while not intending to be accurate. It is not about the exact reproduction of the before measured territory. Insignificant places get magnified out of proportion, capitals are being ignored on the world-map and entire landscapes are inverted.

Back in Berlin he then edits the clippings of his travel-itinerary and the local directory in order to build his sanctuary.

The album is in digipack format, including a 16 panel color booklet, each panel a photo of all the souvenirs he collected in the making of each track. The last panel is the trunk that houses his "Sanctuary", or collection of mementos.
Participating musicians: N.Y.C.

J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus)
Larry 7 (The Analog Society)
Vinnie Signiorelli (Unsane)
Larry Mullins (Toby Damnit)
Michael Evans (KBZ 200)
Algis Kizys (Swans)


Sugarpie Jones (Celebrity Skin)
Don Bolles (Germs)
David Yow (The Jesus Lizard)
Trailer Hitch


Bob Rutman (Steel Cello Ensemble)
Chrislo Haas (Liaisons Dangereuses)
Buddy Sacher (Ars Vitalis)
Caspar Brötzmann (Massaker)
Gordon W. (Fuzzy Love)
Andrew Chudy (Einstürzende Neubauten)
The Boy From Brazil


Nils Wohlrabe (The Leather Nun)


Gianna Nannini

From the KoolArrow website:

Sanctuary highlights Alex’s first solo departure from his group Einstürzende Neubauten, with a collection of tracks that were recorded and assembled over a two year period, made while traveling throughout Europe and North America. Armed with a portable recording setup, he collected sound pieces from a wide variety of musicians . These sonic “keepsakes” were then filtered, processed, and assembled back home in Berlin in order to build his musical sanctuary, and ultimately this CD.

The end result is an album than can be haunting, sinister, beautiful, as well as irreverent, —but always powerful. Alex fuses improbable textures with highly musical arrangements. That familiar sensibility is still there, and Neubauten fans will not be disappointed; but more importantly, Sanctuary is an album that officially confirms Hacke as a solo artist in his own right, and makes one look forward for what’s to come.

“Managing to be both cinematically far-reaching and intimate, Sanctuary is an aural feast…The wide range of music is hard to believe and sometimes to digest (check out the saxophone squeals amidst the assortments of alarm-clock irritations on “Yours Truly”), but there is such an intensity, it’s hard not to be drawn in.” – OWL MAG

Baba Zula feat. Brenna Maccrimmon - Ben Bir Marti Olsam (Cecom)

This is an excerpt of "Crossing The Bridge - The Sound Of Istanbul" showing Baba Zula and me with the wonderful Brenna Maccrimmon performing the song "Cecom" at dawn on a ship cruising the Bosporus in 2004. One of the most beautiful moments in my life.

Mountains Of Madness Trailer

Trailer for the DVD of the show "Mountains Of Madness". A performance by The Tiger Lillies and Alexander Hacke. With visuals illustrated by Danielle de Picciotto. Based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

H.P. Lovecraft, born on the 20th of August 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island, was hardly known as an author during his lifetime. After his death his reputation as master of the macabre was immortalized and his work is considered a classic of horror-literature.
This production was dedicated to this master by the artists Danielle de Picciotto, Alexander Hacke and the legendary English group The Tiger Lillies.

The London trio The Tiger Lillies is the epitome of Black English humor, the dark shimmering sounds of a Tom Waits and the desires of Brechtian anti-heroes. In the production “Mountains Of Madness” the brilliant falsetto-voice of Martyn Jaques, the singing saw, the accordion as well as the upright bass are entwined by Alexander Hacke´s electronic soundscapes- a new experience for the Tiger Lillies, who have never been accompanied by electronic instruments before. The tales of ancient gods and lost souls are brought to life in a humorous and darkly melancholic fashion.

For the visual part of the show the multimedia artist Danielle de Picciotto created expressive illustrations to HP Lovecraft’s stories - a mixture of old fashioned nostalgia and modern toy-catalogues, combining the traditional with contemporary icons. These illustrations are projected and animated on stage during the show live by Danielle de Picciotto, creating a magical visual web between the electronic and traditional musical instruments.

The History Of Electricity

This is the trailer for a electronic audiovisual performance with Danielle de Picciotto, originally concieved by commission of the Oldenburg Regional Museum in 2004.

Alexander Hacke & Kapajkos "Der Kuckuk"

An Austrian traditional yodeling folk-song performed live in 2005 at a gallery at Schlesische Strasse in Berlin.

Jever Mountain Boys - The Ace Of Spades

Music video shot at the old Ex'n'Pop, directed by Laurie Tomlin.

Jever Mountain Boys "Bury The Bottle With Me"

This is a very rare record, which is nevertheless very dear to my heart. It was released in 1994 but we disbanded shortly after Roland Wolf passed away in '95.
I am often asked about the Jever Mountain Boys, so this is what remains.