SAFI "Golem 10+22" Re-Mix

I was asked to do a re-mix of a track by this great new artist from Berlin, she then commisioned Danielle de Picciotto to direct a video for said re-mix. This is the result of our collaboration.

Check out their website

Faith No More - Superhero Battaglia Remix

Faith No More - Superhero Battaglia Remix

A remix I did for the latest single by Faith No More, which I call "Battaglia".
(A battaglia is a form of renaissance and baroque programme music imitating a battle. The renaissance form is typically in the form of a madrigal for four or more voices where cannons, fanfares, cries, drum rolls, and other noises of a battle are imitated by voices. The baroque form is more often an instrumental depiction of a battle.)

Wovenhand - King O King

In 2012 it was to my great honor and pleasure to work with my dear friend David Eugene Edwards on the mixes for the album "The Laughing Stalk" of his extraordinairy group WOVENHAND.

Buy "The Laughing Stalk" on iTunes

Kill The Dandies - The Dog - Able Bodied Siren Re-Mix

Kill The Dandies - Able Bodied Siren

This is a remix of "The Dog" by Czech band Kill The Dandies.

AEDI - Rabbit On The Road

Video clip for the song "Rabbit On The Road" off their album HA TA KA PA (to be released on Gusstaff Records/Mukkake in 2013), which I produced in early 2012 in Italy.

This track features yours truly on backing vocals.

Tussle - Morituri Te Salutant

Morituri Te Salutant

This is a remix for the Bay Area based group Tussle.

Vanessa - Ahoj, chcípni!

I did 4 mixes for the album "Ave Agony" by this Czech EBM outfit.


Selim Sesler feat. Idil Üner - Saniye'm "Pish Mandelim" Remix

This is a remix of material I produced for "Head On" (Gegen die Wand) by Fatih Akin.

Weil Weil Weil - Einstürzende Neubauten

Weil Weil Weil remix

I did this remix of Weil Weil Weil for a special EP release of the song.

Selim Sesler - Fazul "Onbesh Raki" Remix

This is one of the re-mixes, I did for "Crossing The Bridge / The Sound Of Istanbul". The Artist is Selim Sesler, who I originally recorded at a "Fazul" (bar jam) in the town os Kesan. The title (15 Raki) refers to the number of bottles the guys had already polished off before we even got there.