A compilation of commissioned music I've composed for film.

The Cut

Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Poland, Turkey, 138min. 2014

I had the honor to score the entire original music for this extraordinary picture by Fatih Akin, starring Tahar Rahim.

The Cut will be shown in competition at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

Mardin, 1915: one night, the Turkish police round up all the Armenian men in the city, including the young blacksmith, Nazaret Manoogian, who is separated from his family. Years later, after managing to survive the horrors of the genocide, he hears that his two daugthers are also still alive. He becomes fixated on the idea of finding them and sets off to track them down. His search takes him from the Mesopotamian deserts and Havana to the barren and desolate prairies of North Dakota. On this odyssey, he encounters a range of very different people: angelic and kind-hearted characters, but also the devil incarnate.

C'est si bon / Iris Berben & Alexander Hacke

I was asked to sing this duet with the wonderful actress Iris Berben for her new movie "Miss Sixty",

which was released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland in April 2014

Luise, eine gefeierte Molekularbiologin, stellt fest, dass sie im Leben vielleicht doch Einiges verpasst hat und lernt ausgerechnet den mädchenverrückten Frans kennen, einen nervenden Galeristen im Jugendwahn. Eine quirlige Girl-meets-Boy-Komödie -- nur dass das Girl schon 60 ist.


Müll im Garten Eden/Polluting Paradise 1

A documentary by Fatih Akin (2012)

Villagers in Turkey's Black Sea village of Camburnu struggle with the government's decision to turn their community into a garbage dump.

Müll im Garten Eden/Polluting Paradise 2

An other exerpt from the documentary by Fatih Akin


The Decelerator

Experimental short film by Danielle de Picciotto for a multi-media art project.

“The Decelerator” is an entity, a device, designed as an installation to actively slow down how we perceive time in relation to ever-accelerating technological advances, which are approaching the speed of light in a complex and tangential web. This exponential speed increase creates a change in how we relate to land and space, bringing the physical world closer together and fracturing trajectories of thought and consciousness in multifarious states of being. Without responsible forethought, this increased connectivity can be intense, volatile and violent. Viewers of “The Decelerator” are encouraged to find a perspective, a footing, that, while engaging and dynamic, is also tenable within its framework.

Originally presented simultaneously in Berlin, Budapest, and New York City in 2011, the return of “The Decelerator” means the device has been temporarily restarted, on the other side of 2012. It’s a revolving door through the past, to a different time, place and reality that was, seemingly moments ago, the present.

Eight video artists from Europe and the Americas present a variety of video art. “The Decelerator” involves a subterranean sound piece commissioned for the exhibition by the German Industrial musician Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten). This sound piece, the murmuring thread, will play throughout the respective spaces. The mix of work installed within this single soundtrack, presented simultaneously in three cities, makes this an exciting and conceptually new form of exhibition, which mirrors the conversations the show hopes to broach.

Co-curators Adam Nankervis, Kosma Zsolt and Leo Kuelbs all hail from different continents, as well, adding to the global aspects of “The Decelerator.”

A limited edition DVD catalog will also be available for a nominal charge. 

More Images Available at LKC Facebook site, under “Decelerator”


Work by:
Danielle de Picciotto
Tomas Eller
Richard Jochum
Denis Salivanov
Vadim Schaeffler
Gábor Tóth, aka tgnoise
Ryan Uzilevsky
Joao Vasco Paiva

Sound by:
Alexander Hacke

Curated by:
Leo Kuelbs
Adam Nankervis
Kozma Zsolt
Amelie Zadeh


Lollipop Monster

Trailer for a feature by Ziska Riemann (2011)

Here I wrote, produced and sang two songs for the fictional band "Tier".

Ari and Oona. Two 15-year-old girls, two dysfunctional families. Absolute opposites and yet somehow similar. No one listens, no one hears. Ari feels she is misunderstood and compensates for this by having sex with unknown men; Oona expresses the pain over her beloved father's suicide through self-mutilation and morbid drawings. Opposites attract. Ari is a blonde who paints herself up like a canary, Oona loves things as black as night. Their unlikely friendship helps them survive the hypocrisy of their families. Ari finally gains some kind of self-respect, and Oona learns to give vent to her pain. Then something happens that threatens their friendship at its very roots.... The scope of the debuting director's creative interests is evident both in the mix of cinematic devices that enrich the narration (animated passages, amateur film recordings, music videos), as well as in the artistic stylization, which directly references her grounding in comics.

Francesco und der Papst

Trailer (2011)

Documentary directed by Ciro Cappellari about a young boy being trained to sing in the choir for Pope Benedict XVI

Skavabölen pojat - Last Cowboy Standing

The story of two brothers and the bond of blood between them.

In 1972, Rupert, 8 and Evert, 6 are two wildly imaginative brothers, lost in their cowboys-and-indians fantasies and playground romances with the neighbourhood girls. Everything starts to fall apart when Rupert finds a hidden letter. There are terrible fights and hushed whispers, then their mother is taken away. Ten years later, Rupert is still haunted by his childhood memories, trying to make sense of a series of events leading to a tragedy...

by Zaida Bergroth
Finland/Germany 2009, 126 min
Producer: Jarkko Hentula
Production: Juonifilmi
With: Lauri Tilkanen, Ilro Panula, Leea Klemola, Martti Suosalo


Thriller, directed by Esther Gronenborn, Germany 2009

A photographer researching a shocking mass murder on a small town farm finds himself and his son in mortal danger in this gothic thriller from Germany. Photographer Marc Barenberg (Benno Fürmann) is on assignment in the Bavarian countryside with his son Tyll when the pair happens across the secluded town of Kaifeck. Back in 1922, a Kaifeck farmhouse was the scene of a gruesome murder spree that the superstitious locals refuse to speak about nearly a century later. According to them the farmhouse is cursed, and not even chatty innkeeper Juliana will share the details of the crime with Marc. The photographer continues his investigation regardless, and begins experiencing a series of disturbing dreams as the wounds inflicted on the unfortunate victims begin to manifest on his body. Meanwhile, the locals have begun to turn on Marc, viewing his constant inquiries as an intrusion that must be stopped at any cost. As the citizens of Kaifeck don devil costumes in celebration of a pagan holiday, Marc realizes that his own obsession over the crime may have inadvertently sealed the fates of himself, his frightened son, and perhaps even the kindly Juliana.